Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Sweet Noah,

A friend of mine is having a baby boy and as I was glancing over her registry at all of the cute, fun, sweet little boy things, I was hit, overwhelmingly so, with the memories I have of waiting on you to arrive. What an exciting time it was, little one! I remember how fun it was to run all around Babies R Us with your Daddy and pick out things for you to play with and bathe with and sleep in - or on. We both had such high dreams and hopes for you, Noah! The highest!

I looked at the infant sleeper my friend picked out for her little man and remembered the day we brought you home. That night was a bit of a nightmare. You just didn't want to sleep in your pack n play that I had so lovingly set up and put sheets on just waiting for your arrival. Of course, if you know your Mommy at all, you know I did it about three weeks before you were born - the second the UPS man dropped it off at the front door.

But you just weren't interested. There was only one place you would sleep at night. My chest. I remember so well tucking you in my arms against my chest those first nights. You fit there so perfectly - like God made you for me. I guess He really did, after all.

I remember the way you smelled. So brand new. That new car smell had nothing on your new baby scent! You were so much more than I could have ever imagined, Noah. So much more. I never thought that poopy diapers could be so fun to change. I never thought a newborn baby cry could ever sound better than the sweetest music. The second you were born, my whole world changed. My whole life took on a whole new meaning and my heart tripled in size bursting with love for one so small and so perfect.

You are officially four months old now and have more than doubled your weight. You barely fit in your carseat anymore and Uncle Brad says you look big enough to be a toddler.
But you still fall asleep on my chest.
Your sweet little body is so long that I have to curl your legs all up underneath you, but you still fit mister. And you will fit with me until the day the Lord calls me home. I don't care if you're 50 and have grandkids of your own, you will always be my baby. And I will always be your Mommy.

And for that, I will praise the Lord forever.
I love you Noah Cade.
Love, Mommy


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