Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Sweet Noah,

A friend of mine is having a baby boy and as I was glancing over her registry at all of the cute, fun, sweet little boy things, I was hit, overwhelmingly so, with the memories I have of waiting on you to arrive. What an exciting time it was, little one! I remember how fun it was to run all around Babies R Us with your Daddy and pick out things for you to play with and bathe with and sleep in - or on. We both had such high dreams and hopes for you, Noah! The highest!

I looked at the infant sleeper my friend picked out for her little man and remembered the day we brought you home. That night was a bit of a nightmare. You just didn't want to sleep in your pack n play that I had so lovingly set up and put sheets on just waiting for your arrival. Of course, if you know your Mommy at all, you know I did it about three weeks before you were born - the second the UPS man dropped it off at the front door.

But you just weren't interested. There was only one place you would sleep at night. My chest. I remember so well tucking you in my arms against my chest those first nights. You fit there so perfectly - like God made you for me. I guess He really did, after all.

I remember the way you smelled. So brand new. That new car smell had nothing on your new baby scent! You were so much more than I could have ever imagined, Noah. So much more. I never thought that poopy diapers could be so fun to change. I never thought a newborn baby cry could ever sound better than the sweetest music. The second you were born, my whole world changed. My whole life took on a whole new meaning and my heart tripled in size bursting with love for one so small and so perfect.

You are officially four months old now and have more than doubled your weight. You barely fit in your carseat anymore and Uncle Brad says you look big enough to be a toddler.
But you still fall asleep on my chest.
Your sweet little body is so long that I have to curl your legs all up underneath you, but you still fit mister. And you will fit with me until the day the Lord calls me home. I don't care if you're 50 and have grandkids of your own, you will always be my baby. And I will always be your Mommy.

And for that, I will praise the Lord forever.
I love you Noah Cade.
Love, Mommy


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Come One Come All, To See The Wall!

I finally finished my photo frame wall!  Finally!

I love it! Its full of photos of Noah, a couple of engagement photos of Paul and I, and a few of our very first family photos. Its hard to see in the photos but that K in the middle is covered in green sheet  moss. My goal was to copy these awesome letters from Pottery Barn that cost $79. Way too rich for my budget.

I just took one of Noah's diaper boxes and cut out the bottom, found a good font I liked and printed a huge "K" off the computer. (I used photoshop to cut the letter into three portions because I wanted the letter bigger than one sheet of paper.) I traced the "K" onto the cardboard, asked the hubs very sweetly to cut the thing out and then covered it in sheet moss from JoAnn's. Total project cost? $8.99

Totally beats $79 eh?

Anyway, I LOVE this wall. I just want to sit and stare at it all the time. It has all of my favorite photos of my favorite people! I bought frames mostly from Goodwill and just spray painted them white so it was cheapo too! My husband likes my thriftiness and I love my wall!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Just in case you want to know what Noah likes to do and use all day:

We're borrowing this from some friends of ours (Thanks Wades!), but Noah loves bouncing around in here so much, I think we'll have to buy one after we return this to its rightful owners. They have another little man on the way that will need to get his bounce on soon!

We have a few different types of cloth diapers, but these are our favorite by far. They are made better and are easier to use than the others we have. If we have to buy any more at any point, we'll be investing in more of these!

We LOVE this carrier. Its so soft on the inside and Noah always falls alseep riding in it so we know he's comfy :)

Thank heavens for whoever invented pacifiers. Noah constantly likes to suck on things and these paci's are his favorite (besides his fingers).

We used this as a bassinet in our room when we brought Noah home from the hospital. We couldn't find another pack n play with the storage and hamper on the side within our price point. This was actually the cheapest one we looked at and it was my favorite! Its easy to put together and take apart (once you do it one time) and it all fits in one travel bag. Love it.

These things are suPREMEly over-priced, so we got ours on craigslist for $10. Nice! We do love using them to let Noah work out those neck and back muscles.

Noah loves kicking this and watching the lights and listening to the music it plays. We have it hanging in his crib, but we don't put him close enough to play with it when he should be sleeping.

Anyway, we love using all of these things which were mostly gifts from family and friends. Thanks family and friends! We love you!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finals, Lakes, and Birthdays, Oh My!

Last week were finals for the two classes I've been taking for the past two months. I think they went pretty well, but I'll see when I get those grades back! What a slave we are to numbers while in school eh?

Before finals, my little baby brother turned 23. I cannot believe it. Mostly because that means I'm 26 and I still can't believe that. Anyway, the precious people that he lives with (Hi Waddills!) have a gorgeous new lake house on Cedar Creek Lake. They invited all of us out for the day a couple of Saturdays ago to celebrate Bradley's entrance into the world! It was so much dang fun. Forgive my lack of actual lake pictures. My camera is still way too precious and irreplaceable to get that close to the water.

This may or may not be Brad being forced to pretend like he was blowing out his candles because I forgot to take a picture of him actually blowing them out. Maybe. But probably not because I'm not that neglectful. But possibly I am.

So handsome!

And here is my Baby and his GranDud proving that yes, it is possible to sleep with your knee on your forehead. What an over-achiever my Baby is!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Over the Hill and Through the Woods

Noah went on his first trip to the country this weekend. Grandma and Papa Rainwater, which are Noah's great-grandparents, live out in the boonies and we LOVE to get away from the city to visit them. Noah had a great time with Papa!

And with his NeeNee

Doesn't he look like he's in heaven getting NeeNee smooches? Love it!

And just a few more sweet baby Noah shots for the family to enjoy.

So serious Mr Chubs!

These little feet slay me. Utterly slay me.

This is my Baby's sad face. How will I ever tell him no??

And last, but certainly not least...
...Old Man River


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Plans

I've got big plans for these frames.

They used to be black, but I made friends with this spray paint can.
Just a pointer here: if you plan on spray painting any of your picture frames, wipe off the dust first. Otherwise, you end up like me, sanding out all of the bumps and dust and trying again.

Anyway, these plans...for these frames...they also involve this.
Just ignore Paul's huge shoes on the ground there.
More to come on the plans.

And just so this post isn't too boring:
A gratuitous shot of the Baby Bear in his Elmo robe. Because it doesn't get any cuter than that. You know what I see when I look at this picture? Endless blackmail opportunities. 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lets Ketchup

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. I blogged previously at, but I left that blog hanging the day I found out I was pregnant.

Alot has happened since then. My little one is ten weeks old today! I cannot believe how the time has flown. Let me let you catch up...

Telling Paul he's going to be a Daddy!

About 4 months pregnant

Don't judge...I had been in labor for more than a few hours and was only 45 minutes away from pushing! And look at my husband looking all handsome next to my hugely swollen self. How rude of him :)

Meet my sweet Noah Cade Kibbe! Censored for his own privacy of course :) He weighed in at 9 lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long. So beautiful!

That was ten weeks ago today. I can't believe how much he's grown already. I can't believe how much I loved him right there in that photo. And I can't believe I love him more now. Thank you Lord for this precious gift that I could never hope to deserve.